About Us

Environmental Resources Group, LLC (ERG) was founded in 2009 by Bob Reichenbach. Mr. Reichenbach had been in the environmental field for over 22 years, managing a myriad of remediation, due diligence and compliance projects at large and mid-size consulting firms. He also had internal business operations management responsibilities at these companies. In 2010, Bob was joined by Sue Graves who had been in environmental consulting for 15 years, and by Bob Zwald, a 20 year veteran of the business. All three shared a vision that a lean company with quality people and a high level of experience and expertise would be the necessary dynamic for the new economy.

ERG is dedicated to providing each of our clients with an individualized, “hands-on” approach to identifying and managing their environmental and regulatory issues, reducing/eliminating potential liabilities, controlling operational costs, and adding value to their business.

A Strong Client Focus

ERG’s objective is simple. We strive for client satisfaction. We develop an understanding of our client’s specific industry and their requirements, and provide them experienced personnel dedicated to helping them understand and manage their issues. We are trusted advisers to our clients, not just project managers.

Project Success

Our success is directly related to how we execute each project. Our projects are designed to meet our client’s objectives. ERG relies on experience and expertise to develop solutions to unique problems. ERG helps clients safely deliver on their business objectives while protecting human health and ecology, satisfying regulatory obligations, controlling costs and managing local community expectations.


Our professionals are our greatest asset. ERG is committed to provide our clients with the highest quality product in terms of service and project execution. Client satisfaction is only achieved through excellence in personnel. ERG is dedicated to providing the best. We are committed becoming the standard of excellence within the environmental consulting industry.


We are dedicated to providing the essential needs for successful project outcomes while reducing costs. We believe that this model will provide our clients with rates lower than traditional consulting firms, while providing the experience, quality and expertise our clients deserve.

For more information on the key personnel behind ERG, please check our professional profiles page.